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Weep, weep, the almond croissants are no more.... [May. 3rd, 2007|11:04 am]
Seeking Sustenance in Lotusland


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Doctor Freud,  oh dear Doctor Freud, how did I miss the closure of the best place in downtown Vancouver to have a latte, and almond croissant and an opportunity to gaze at the hustle and bustle of Georgia Street?  Sen5es at the Hotel Georgia is no more.

Doctor Freud
Here's a tissue, tell me all about it.


I was there the first week with The Realtor on one of our Friday excursions and still remember the rich, full bodied latte.  A revelation in taste compared to the wimpy, thin, bitter beverage that too often passes for coffee at the mega monoliths to complacent consistency dotted on every available street corner.  Consistent they are but something to savour?  Non.

Instead the concoction set before us spoke of the richness of soil, the technique of the master roaster and the sure, firm hand of a barista.  Not to be confused with the kid who presses a button on the electronic, computerized espresso machine and jams the milk jug onto the steam spout before slopping the boiling hot milk into the cardboard cup and shoving the entire thing at you over the counter in a manner so fierce that you have to jump back before a tidal wave of liquid sloshes over the top and runs rapidly over the countertop and threatens to ruin your new boots that you've just forked over half a month's pay for. 

Doctor Freud
Calm down and take a deep breath.  It's only a cup of coffee.  Now if you had been obsessing about something like a cigar.

A cigar?  Pull yourself together Doctor.  Are you insane?  Smoking would dull my palate.  Besides it wasn't only the coffee.  It was the almond croissants.  They had to be the best damn almond croissants that I've ever tasted.   They didn't skimp on the almonds.  Know what I mean?  And you could taste real butter.  They didn't use vegetable shortening to cut the butter content.  Those babies were flaky, buttery and filled with lots and lots of real almonds.  Not some disgusting almond flavoured Crisco with gritty sugar like I've had somewhere else that will remain nameless (may their pastry people fry in Hell).  They were so damn good that if you didn't get there early you would have to battle coiffed matrons for the final croissant and let me tell you those rings they wear can really do a job on your hair once they've got a hold of you.

Doctor Freud
I think we are digressing here.  Perhaps you will be glad to know that Sen5es hasn't disappeared completely from the Vancouver scene.  You can still find your almond croissants at Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie at 998 Harbourside, Suite 128, North Vancouver.

Yes! Yes!  I remember Mr. Haas.  A genius with chocolate!  A divine being who takes prosaic ingredients and turns them into items of culinary delight.  He was there Doctor, that first time The Realtor and I were at Sen5es.  He asked us how every thing was!  His wife was behind the counter!  They had just opened!  But North Vancouver!  Cross the Lions Gate Bridge!  Before I've had coffee...(mumble, mumble, mumble)


From: (Anonymous)
2007-06-05 04:23 am (UTC)


I just noticed this closure as well and I am also sad. They had wonderful pastries. T R
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