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Weekend Brunch --- Ouisi Bistro - Seeking Sustenance in Lotusland [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Seeking Sustenance in Lotusland

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Weekend Brunch --- Ouisi Bistro [Apr. 26th, 2007|04:33 pm]
Seeking Sustenance in Lotusland


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Ah, lazy Sunday’s after you and your love have finally rolled out of bed and begin to contemplate the overwhelming need for coffee and sustenance.   The choices of venue, the menu offerings, music, dress code, crowds, service quality --- so many things to take into consideration before the final decision can be reached.

Last Sunday found us at Ouisi Bistro although not for the first time.  The reason?  The fact that brunch was available until 3:00pm certainly factored into the equation.  The fact that it was within walking distance was another.  The fact that it was after 1:30 and we’d probably get a table right away was a bonus.  But most importantly the food is very good and the prices reasonable.


This Sunday I was looking forward to the Blueberry Pancakes...

(my own attempts at pancake making some weeks ago left me fairly dejected.  I blame the recipe.) but unfortunately others must have been of the same mindset and there were no more pancakes to be had.  As it was getting close to the end of brunch service I didn’t throw a fit and happily substituted the French Toast ($8). 

I’m a french toast fiend and can whip up a mean Blueberry Stuffed French Toast myself --- I seem to see the beginning of a trend here with the blueberries ---  and thought the thick sourdough bread slices used at Ouisi held the eggy mixture perfectly.  Just a touch of cinnamon from the plate garnish, lashings of maple syrup and Ouisi’s lovely berry coulis and I was in heaven.

The Boy had the French Quarter ($8 ½)   which consisted of red beans, ham, paprika rice, Creole sauce with 2 poached eggs, sour cream and cheddar which was a huge amount of food.  It looked lovely and I should have tasted it but I can’t be doing with red beans.  He pronounced it very good although struggled to finish the large quantity of food.

In the past I’ve enjoyed the Continental ($7).   Yummy fresh corn bread with yogurt, berry coulis and seasonal fruit and he’s been known to chow down on the Bourbon Street Frittata ($9 ½) - chorizo, corn, sweet peppers, zucchini, green onion and Swiss cheese and the Petit Dejeuner ($7 ¼) - scrambled eggs, bell peppers, green onion, cilantro and cheddar on corn bread.  Heck I think he’s eaten every breakfast at one time or the other with the exception of bennies.  I can’t recommend the Egg Me On ($6) - one poached egg with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts and toast however.  I thought it sounded good but was very disappointed with the cold items like the shredded cheese which accompanied the poached egg.  It didn’t work for me.


Ouisi Bistro
3014 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC




[User Picture]From: aseret_black
2007-11-21 05:24 am (UTC)
I've just learned that you may have gotten a bum deal with your Egg Me On. Apparently the cheese should be melted over the egg. Or some such configuration. I hope you didn't leave a big tip.
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